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The food industry is indeed a matter of conscience, and “Koala” has consistently identified product quality and food safety as its first priority.

The factory building of the company has been constructed strictly in conformity with the Australian standards. The standards the company applies in its

manufacturing practice are even higher than the Australian standards. In order to ensure that the consumer can “buy at ease and eat at ease, “Koala”

closely examines every step of its food processing. All of the “Koala” products are made entirely from the organic green soybeans produced in Australia.

Through over twenty years’ development and growth, “Koala” has gradually become the leading company in the soy food industry in Queensland.

“Koala” has been proactively improving its manufacturing technologies and advancing its facilities, thereby having successfully updated its

traditional soy food processing equipment. Consequently, while maintaining the traditional flavour, the “Koala” products provide even higher nutritive

value with prolonged preservation period.